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Azanova (founded 2008) is a cooperative of 21 azalea growers who join forces for innovation in the azalea assortment. Azanova's innovation is driven by quality and value for the consumer. Azanova collaborates with the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), which has a long history of breeding azaleas. AIKO® azaleas were developed at ILVO and are marketed by Azanova cvba. In 2008 Azanova received an award from the Innovation Campaign of the "Innovatiesteunpunt voor land- en tuinbouw". The award was granted because of this unique collaboration between various individual companies and a public research institution.

AIKOs are sold only in their unique and easily recognizable silver-gray pot. The pot is your guarantee of a genuine, reliable and quality product. AIKOs come in different pot sizes and plant forms on the market. To ensure the quality of your AIKO's flowers, sales only start from February on. This ensures that your favourite plant, when given proper care, will open completely and bloom for weeks in the living room.

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