AIKO azaleas revolutionize the azalea assortment. Their striking and innovative beauty lies in the unique double flowers that, once fully opened, give another dimension to the azalea plant.

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Presentation tips

Presentation tips

AIKO offers great potential to decorate your living room. These ideas will inspire you when using your AIKO azalea as a beautiful addition to your home decor.

More tips
AIKO stands for a quality product. With proper maintenance, the plant blooms at least five weeks. Extend your enjoyment of AIKO's beautiful blooms by following these maintenance tips:

  • Purchase only an AIKO with well-developed flower buds. The flowers may be on the verge of opening. This ensures excellent flowering. 
  • AIKOs love lots of light, but avoid direct sunlight. Don't place the plant in the immediate vicinity of a heat source. Normal room temperature (15-25 °C) makes the plant thrive.

  • AIKOs prefer a sufficiently moist root ball, but they don't like wet feet. Remember that "azaleas are drinkers but not swimmers". You have two options to keep your AIKO blooming beautifully:
    1. Every three days, water your AIKO. The day after watering, remove the excess water in the cachepot or the saucer.
    2. Or, once or twice per week, submerge your AIKO in a bucket of water until all the air has been expelled from the root ball. Let it drain and that's it!
  • No other special requirements are needed. Fertilization is not necessary. Remove faded flowers as needed.